Friday, May 7, 2010

Grand Imperial Kitchen - Empire Mall, Subang

I apologize for the picture qualities, as they were taken from my Blackberry. Crap pictures!

Stumbled across Grand Imperial Kitchen with Sarah when I went to Empire Mall in Subang for lunch. Just having had my dinner in their Plaza Damas branch, I still decided to give this one a try as I've always been a fan of Grand Imperial restaurant in BSC.
Lunch can be either their set menus or ala carte. I opted for Set no 10 ( if I remember clearly), which was minced meat and mushrooms with noodles. Very springy noodle and not lacking in the taste department. It also comes with a pork ball soup (3 pieces) only for Rm11.90 and another RM2 for drinks. The orange juice I ordered actually did surprise me a little as I did not expect freshly squeezed juice, a whole glassful of it. Come on, how often do you get quality juices in Malaysia that comes for only RM2.
HOWEVER, I must say that service is absolutely disappointing. When we got there, all tables were occupied and the captain told us that all customers had just arrived and there were no available tables for us. We left and 1 minute later, a very nice old man runs after us and tells us that he's about to leave and we can take their table. Just as we sat down, 4 other tables of customers settle their bills and leave! Urghh!
Tables were cleared pretty quickly enough but they were not set fast enough. Halfway through lunch, I tried to get the attention of a waiter to bring us napkins. Standing 10 feet away, he acknowledges me, shakes his head a little to ask 'what do u want'. I mean how do u tell a stupid waiter standing 10 feet away that you want napkins. Do that 'wipe your mouth' action loh! At least he understood! Damn it!
Overall, the dining experience was satisfying, as all Grand Imperial restaurants are up to a certain standard, but yet again, why can't their improve on the level of their service?

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