Friday, May 7, 2010

Malaysia Airlines (MH) more Ridiculous Stories

I never stop hearing ridiculous shitzs about Malaysia Airlines (MH - Malaysian Horror)

Till today, I'm getting comments from my old blog on the services by MAS. Just last night having dinner with my uncle, he mentioned that he was on MAS once and they ran out of satay sauce for business class. Really!

I remember during my business class experience to Amsterdam, my TV screen did not work BOTH WAYS - going and coming back but on the way back, the steward was kind enough to compensate me with a RM100 voucher, which I later found out that it's really nothing. A dude once complained about MAS staff forgetting to load their planes with the food and drinks menu for the Busines Class passengers, he was offered a free flight. Damn, should have lodged an official complaint again!

If you go though my old blog postings, you'll find a long list of never ending complaints from readers/ me.

One reader posted this today, a link to another complaint on our national carrier:

"I have came accross to your blog, sorry to hear your story but this story even more seriously worse MH stands from Malaysian Horror ".

Malaysia Boleh!


J said...

Wah. Make a big, official complaint next time!
(Free flight!!)

Siao Yue said...

j: hehehe i did last yr, 3 complain letter acorss 4 months cause they NEVER responded. total bitch i tell ya. so in the end when they finally did, they gave me like 10,000 enrich points la...each for me and mom, which was all right la