Saturday, May 22, 2010

In loving memory of Tan Se Jon

A friend of mine asked if I have some unique stamps to give to him as he's recently into collecting stamps. Or rather has been. He has been asking me for weeeeekssssss to look around my house to see if I have any. I remembered in 97 I bought a set of Prince William's stamps and promised him I'll look for them.

Rummaging through my stuff for the stamps in my very cluttered room, I found some other Australian stamps (friends who sent letters from Aust after I'd graduated and back..those days la when letters were still the 'in thing..yes, that's how much I've aged) and more from the UK (yeah, also used to have this very very very sweet friend who used to send me postcards and letters from the UK - where he was studying, and used to get loads of postcards from his many Europe travels). We've kind of lost touch over the years, but I'm very happy he's found the love of his life and very happily married now. Looking at these pics, it suddenly occured to me..HEY I've seen those places during my recent Europe trip toooo!

Apart from those memories, I found a couple of birthday cards and some photos of Jon. A person whom I truly regarded as a 'brother' to me. We met when I was 16 (those IRC days) and throughout those years, he's never failed to take care of me like his little sister. His passing in 2004 was a big blow to me as not only have I lost an elder brother, a very dear friend, a confidante but also someone whom I really respected. One of my fondest memories of Jon was when he got pissed drunk one night in Melbourne, fell down the stairs, landed on his gf then ( or rather they rolled down together) and later of him puking (thank god) from my car out through the window. Oh the hours I spent getting ride of puke stains and the stench!!!!

Gor, you will always have a special place in my heart and I know that you will be very happy whever you are now.

Today has been a quiet Saturday for me and getting ready to pick granny and leave for dinner. XoXo till my next post

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