Sunday, May 9, 2010

Westin Eest Dim Sum Buffet Brunch

Joanna and I took the Starwood Voucher to redeem a free buffet dim sum brunch for ourselves yesterday at the Westin. We started at about 11.30am and only finished at approximately 2.30pm.

Started off with their simple selection of sushi.

And a very interesting selection of salas. I specially liked the long beans with prawns which had a very Thai taste to it. There was also chili with cucumbers, jelly fish etc.

The spinach porridge was something different/ interesting and you can choose any of the few seafood ingredients for the porridge:- salmon, cod fish, squid, fishballs, prawns...

Of course we had our variety of dim sums from siew mai, chicken feet, chee cheong fun...nothing particularly interesting but it's good fun to sit down and catch up with a good friend on a saturday afternoon and sampling dimsum in a 5 star hotel..something which we normally won't do!

We also tried their sesame duck. I found it unique but the duck had a very strong 'duck' taste. HAHA in cantonese I think we call it 'sou'.

We ended our 3 hr buffet brunch with their desserts which we found really way tooooo sweet but to give them credit for it, they do have a wide selection and their ginseng tea is good to cool you down on a hot hot day!

Ended our lil outing by just making a round in Pavillion, just opposite. Found a Massimo Dutti belt which I really liked......but...have to exercise some self control if I want to materialise another Europe trip in 2011.
XoXo. Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Taking my family out to Sao Nam tonight for Vietnamese!

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