Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glitters or Soong Ai Ling Nail Spa?

I have always done my nails at Soong Ai Ling's chic nail spa after gym at Bangsar Village 2.
Last night I decided to try Glitters which is on the same floor as Celebrity Fitness and being a member, the nail and waxing salon offers you a 10% discount.

Here are 5 reasons why I won't use them again and will remain loyal to Soong Ai Ling's chic nail spa.

1) The place obviously looked nothing like a spa that would be located in Bangsar Village. Deco was one but level of cleanliness......hmmmm

2)The Chinese lady over the counter did not even flash her pearly whites to at least give a smile to customers when they walk in. A potentially disgruntled employee?

3) When another customer walked in at around 8 pm, **overheard** late for her booking Chinese lady 1 spoke to chinese lady 2 in Mandarin,' You're going off early is it? So don't want to take this customer la right.' Wow, and I thought they don't close until 9 ish.

4) Lin called me halfway through my mani and I was asking her opinion on the toes colour to match my blue cheongsam (thank u Frank again!!) and we could not decide. I then asked the lady for her advice. "My dress is really dark blue what colour should I opt for". U won't believe this, she repeated after me,'Blue colour?' Flipped the nail colour charts and kept quiet. Ok so I'm meant to understand telepathic communication???

5) My mani was done around 8 and the lady left it to dry under those quick dry fans. Within a few minutes, she had changed out of her uniform and left the premises without even waiting for my nails to dry or see if I needed a touch up. What rubbish !!! I mean seriously if your staff can't wait to get off work at 8, don't take any bookings at 7.30pm. The lady beside me requested for 1 nail to be re-done by her manicurist (chinese lady 2) as it was uneven but here was another staff rushing to get off work and she just added another layer on top.

But to give them some credit, the foreign workers did a fantastic job with my toes and the other foreign lady who stayed back was extremely helpful to both the me and the other customer.

For RM 67 after my 10% discount after both the mani and pedi (which is cheaper than SIL's spa, definitely), I am pretty certain I won't visit them again, especially not after what Sarah told me : her nails chipped badly after her first visit to their 1 Utama branch.

I won't say that it has been all that unpleasant (at least "Are you smarter than a 5th grader" was showing on TV for me to kill my time) but it's definitely not worth the price you're paying for the level of service and cleanliness.

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