Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Turning 28

So my big 28 came and went. I'm officially in my late 20s and stepping into the 30s. Every year I say the same thing. The celebration just gets better and better! The pah-tay started last Friday with many drunk and happy people towards the end of the night. As I stupidly left my camera at home again, I now have to wait for pics from Sarah's cam. (So folks more pics to come).

Here are some of the pictures showing the all the food and fun I had over the weekend.

The delicious cheesecake, thanks to my cousin WF.

And was treated to a lovely dinner at Cafe Cafe.

...serves the best Foie Gras in town...........
..and the very additive warm chocolate cake......yum!
Not to forget the presents (below...Bert's new friend...RED...lots of lurve from Joanna and MelMel)
...and a bouquet of roses from god-knows-who. I'm still trying to figure out who sent em to my house......
And on the actual birthday, a few of us were treated to a very lovely dinner at Overseas Restaurant, Jalan Imbi.
I swear they serve the best 'har lok' (prawns in dark sauce) in town! Eat first think cholesterol later.

And our kind host swears by the 'char siew'.....
I cannot thank my friends enough for all the lovely dinners, gifts and wishes ......
XoXo..till the next batch of pictures from the pah-tay at The Library (yeah...thanks to both the JLs I know...I'm still nursing the hangover plus flu from the Grayevard) HA HA HA

And to that 'someone', remember me if u get the 4 digits for lottery spot on and the dinner and my special 'gift' if u win the lottery!!!!!!muahahahha!

Haha, on a diff. note, someone made a comment why my blog is all words and no bikini shots..HAHA WTF. I don't want to scare the hell out of my readers with the beer belly!

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matoya said...

goodness bert looks so dirty next to red!

WASH HIM LA!!! nose also no more color