Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Laura and Adrian's Big Day

(Most pictures and videos were taken by Mama Choo- my appointed photographer for the 2 days)
October 2nd - The girls, Mary, Nat, Joanna, Angeline, Juliet and myself head down to suite 3312 in Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur to prepare the games for the 'jip san leung' morning.

Mary with the evil grin as she starts the prep work for the games. Put your mind to work what those grapes would be used for!! Sadly, in the end we did not have time for the grapes.

Joanna starts pounding the chillis with the bittergourd as all of us forgot the blended for the dreaded morning 'sweet, sour, bitter, spicy' drinks. Laura's looking on, amazed at her strength!

Here's a short clip of Joanna educating Laura on using your strength and skills to smash chillis with a bittergourd without the presence of a blender'

Ta dah - bittergourd and chillies without the vinegar, cordial and wasabi yet! Our very own concoction.
The teapot and teacups to be used for the 'jip san leung' morning.

The bride demonstrates eating strawberries tied to a string. Again, let your minds wonder. Video clip will be posted at below on what actually were the guys required to do the next morning.

2 hours later, the prep, the props and the girls are all ready for the next morning to give the guys hell!

By 8am on October 3rd, all the girls, the cousins, the bride was ready to meet the groom and his entourage. Here's a group picture of the very pretty bride with all of us!

Here's comes the dashing groom, all suited up and ready to pick his bride...

But before that, 10 handpicked or voluntary 'heng dais' gotta have a taste of the painfully prepared drinks. Yeah, we even had slices of bitter gourd as deco on the cups. Creative eh!

As all Chinese wedding tradition goes, the 'open door angpow' is a must. The first angpow we received had wads of RM1 dollar notes. Is Laura only worth that much! He he he.

After only when most of the girls were happy with the 'ang pow' we let the guys in the first door where the real action began!

The boys getting ready for the belly dance! With the scarves and bells!

A video of their dance. See it to believe it. Some of em can dance! Lets see them jiggle those bellies

The 'kaku' (stiff at the joints from lack of exercise throughout the years) boys where then told to do some yoga poses... the unlucky ones chosen by the groom had the honour of pleasuring the girls.

And when you still don't give enough ang pow to proof how much your wife is really worth, this is the additional hurdle that you will have to do!

Finally, the groom has passed all hurdles and obstacles during the games session to pick up his bride. (MAMA this picture is OVER EXPOSED ..yeah blame it on her!)

We then headed to the Glad Tidings church on Jalan Gasing and had to arrive by 10.30 am. Not many pictures were taken here, as 5 of us had to walk down the aisle with Laura and were seated smack right in the front row.

Don't we all look lovely on this very special day!

When the morning session ended, we only had like a couple of hours rest before heading over to the hotel again for the dinner. (I've got some before and after pics of me and the girls before and after our make up pictures but I think I'll never live to see 2010 if I post them up here)

The very stunning bride and the quite handsome groom made their grand entrance at 8.30pm -the usual time for KL Hotel Wedding Dinners.

This is a picture of Laura with her many men (only one is married - can you guess who! Ladies, take your pick- there are 3 other single ones excluding Natasha's other half (most right))And here's one of Laura with the girls -US. Sorry everyone here is either married, getting married or getting into a relationship (Joanna and myself have decided that we're probably meant for each other : HA HA HA)

Here's a picture of Raccoon Sue and the very happy groom to be Ronnie. Made them do some arty fartsy pose.

The after party at Cynna. Wow, I'm surprised at our level of energy, especially Laura's and Adrian even after the long day - but when you're happily and blisfully married, nothing else in the world matters!

From L-R: Loong and Angeline (next in line to get married), my lou gong jai - no longer, we divorced back in 2004(who's expanding by the minutes) and my new partner in crime, Joanna.

And to end my very long post, a picture of Sue, Desmond (the best man for Lin and Loong's wedding), yours truly and the self proclaimed young looking and handsome Jimmy Lai (English teacher).

Here's wishing Laura and Adrian a lifetime of happiness and may you have a football field of kids!

XoXo..till my next post. Enjoying Singapore for this week!


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