Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sue's Hen's Outing - The Pictures

Those of you who know me would probably have seen the entire collection of pics in my FB. But here are some for those who don't!

Lovely mini cuppacakes for the bride to be. (I assume they're from Wondermilk as YellowChimp got some for me from there with similiar packaging)

Very happy girls who participated in the games Shirley painstakingly prepared for...Charades and the 'I never' we know who's had sex at the back of a car...muahahah

And let the party begin at Poppy. I swear it was impossible to bring the bride down! 2 Flamin, 1 B52, 1 sambuca jargermeister....a lot of hard liquor and she was still standing like a rock (we found out no puking throughout the entire night)..must be all the training from a certain Mr. R. Lim.

...this is me and the beautiful sue ann.....sue ann, joanna and angeline doing 'The Angeline'. The same girls, same pose 'cept the hen was different. Imagine sue and joanna posing for the camera in Bangkok (while dragging her to the lobby to hail a cab from SkyBar) with their 'V's while our poor Angel was down, down, down. This time no hunks to snap a pic of them but just a hot chic - namely, yours truly..muahaha

Come on baby..bring on the flames!
(Yeah, and I was made to share one with her..I'm surprised I could get up for my Quacky run afters)

..and here's another group pic! Thanks Shirley for the great night out!

And here's to wishing Sugus and Ronnie a lifelong of happines...XoXo..


Sue-Ann said...

oooohh thank u thank u.....muah muah muah

Siao Yue said...

sue: thank u..muah muah muah..and I would like to thank my father, my mother, my sisters, my godson, my precious chao pang....for making me who I am today...hahaha