Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Michelin Star - Chef Albert Tse

From the 28th-31st October, Chef Albert Tse from the China Blue Restaurant at the Conrad Tokyo was in town, making a guest appearance at Chynna, KL Hilton. Costing a whopping RM288++ per person (without wine), I had the honour of being invited to experience his culinary skills.

The table setting at Chynna, and 2 wine glasses were already placed in front of me by the time I got to the restaurant.

Our first dish, fresh lobster and seasonal vegetable tartar "China Blue" style. Very refreshing!

Then came the Braised Sharks Fin with Shanghai Crab Superior Yellow Stock, my favourite for the night. Rich in taste, rich in aroma, rich in ingredients but just a little on the salty side.

Deep-fried Wagyu beef with black sugar and mustard sauce. Some of us thought that it was a little bit of a waste to deep fry Wagyu. I liked it anyway but the beef was a lil' overcooked. A hint of the east meets the west style of cooking.

Roasted fish fillet with Chinese Miso and Japanese aromatic Citron sauce. Tastes exactly like char siew fish. Something different but may not appeal to everyone - but the cod fish was just cooked to perfection.

And finally, another of my favourite dish for the night. Fresh prawn with Somen (like your regular 'meen seen') in clear broth. The freshness of the prawn combined with the somen was just the best combination to end the dinner - not too heavy. The broth was so full of flavour. the time came dessert, avocado mousse and coconut ice cream, the food was all up to my throat, but I could not resist taking a few spoonfuls of this delicious yet not-too-sweet dessert.

Throughout the night, our gracious host just treated us to good quality red, whites and dessert wine. Ahh..this is what I call 'yau hau fook'!!!...

Think gymming 4 times a week the coming week is enough to burn all the fats and cholesterol??
XoXo..signing off .....early night tonight ...getting all geared up for the Terry Fox Run tomorrow (although there's really no need to run as it gets so crowded you can barely walk, let alone run)

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