Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bert is fresh and clean!

To all my friends who have been making noises about Bert and his hygiene, you'll be glad to know he's finally had his annual shower yesterday. Sadly, after he came out from the shower, he lost his eyes!

Oooh and my nice domestic help has given him eyes today! Hopefully it's waterproof marker.

And to my dearest 'pah-tay' animal friends, here's someone who's saying I have only half my life left (is he implying I'll die by 60?), and I have spent a lot of time partying (strangely....for those who know me well enough should know what I enjoy doing best) and it's a STRANGE activity to be doing, I have decided to take his 'advice'. So to all of you out there, you know who you are - the 'big influencers' in my life, stop asking me to continue with this strange habit, it's also good for my ballooning weight too!!

XoXo..nice weather to be sleeping!

p/s: see sue, we should not have partied during your hens night - should have asked shirley to plan some tea session (without the mashies or your terribly fattening onion soup) at Delicious instead. Aiya!


KLGUY said... offence k. Jus a small suggestion on where we shld focus. Not to say i m great...but at least...minimize your exuberant lifestyle. Give some time off to some serious stuffs k. Or for a change another group of ..."serious" friends....that may help. Nvm...if that sounds too complicated.

matoya said...
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Calene said...

yeah sy you should change your lifestyle. i totally agree.

don't party so much la... just work work work and gym gym gym ok already!

so 26th we go out and drink yes? :D

Anonymous said...

CANtS.... I think i know who KLGUY is.. nick seems familiar

hueychyitan said...
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Anonymous said... u need a group of serious friend....may be you have to consider not being my MOH ....mean...what ever we have done in BKK.... wasting ur life u need me to inform others and not to contact you anymore....

Anonymous said...

jesse does this mean you are not invited to my birthday?

after all i'm going to have a party with drinks.. don't think you should attend.

you stay home la and i'll drink on your behalf

Anonymous said...

birds of strange habits and feathers flock together okay

take up knitting as a serious hobby lor

YYGG said...

KLGUY.... go play with your kid....

You should minimise your time on the net surfing through people's blog.. Your kid needs you!

Give some time off to some serious stuff like more time with your kid and wife.. ok ?

or for a change.. to another group of ... "serious" husbands/parents friends... That would help.

Nevermind if that sounds too complicated.. You probably continue on lurking in people's blog and neglecting your kid and wife anyways...

KLGUY said...
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KLGUY said...

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Party is great,
but it holds nothing true.

Occasion Par-tay is fine,
Provided u know where to draw the line,
Daily drinking by the pint,
Will never make your days shine. dear,
Rude to ask ppl 2stay clear,
Better u shld stop beer,
Or your health will be in fear.

Party Rat said...

Sorry KLGuy but what u just posted seems a bit insulting. i drink a pint daily but i still shine and i would differ about party not holding anything true. i think that mentality is kinda sheltered. What do u mean by its not true? its a lifestyle.. to you, it may be a waste of money or health damaging but then again, who r u to judge? r u saying u dont do anything that may harm ur health? Like eating KFC or drinking coke, etc?

if u think getting asked to stay clear was rude, let me tell u what can top it off.. "Judging someone u dont know". Who r u to do so in the first place? and why r u readin Loongus blog? i think this blog was meant for her frens to be updated on how she is. r u one?

Steven from SG said...

Red are the roses,
Blue are the violets,
Great are the parties,
Nothing true it hold it seems.

Fine I will go party occasionally,
Draw the line I will always be,
Pint drinking daily I will not,
Shine Will my days be.

My dear KLGuy,
Stay clear I will ask you to,
Stop beer I shall not do,
And fear for my health I will not too.

What YYGG and Jess do,
Is non of your business,
You should go clean your baby's poo,
And find yourself your mistress.

fellow rhymer said...

sing a song of sixpence a barrel full of beer
4 and 20 chicken wings baked in a pear
when the pear was eaten sy began to sing
wasn't that a dainty dish to set before the queen

the queen was in the party house
counting all the parties
the king was in the cellar
drinking all the winey

the KLguy was in the garden peeping through the window
when down came a blackbird and pecked on his toes

KLGUY said...

Loongus shld b grateful to Steven or Party Rat.

However, i think both of u guys really lack the appropriate manners.

If i m a girl (other than Loongus) - i will shoot both of u. But being a patient guy - that is not my nature. Well, everyone has the right to voice & I would not stop whatever u said. But guys trying to fight for girls are merely showing off their "heroism" or merely a small rat but want to gain some credit.

C'mon life is short...keep your cool. U are not Loongus. Even if Loongus shouted at me, that is is up to her to think.

PartyRat said...

if im loongus i'll shoot u first. seriously.

thats why loongus n i are still frens while ur identity is somewhat still annonymous to us.

seriously, stop refreshing the page now. we have a life. we need our daily pint now. wont be replying anytime soon.

KLGUY said...

I'm a dighead.

I admit I'm in love with her.

Can we be friends?

KLGUY said...

You don't even know how to spoof nicely.

so what if I have a crush on her.

Well, everyone has the right to fall in love & I would not stop whatever you all say.

C'mon life is short... I do what I wanna do.

Loongus... i think you should change your friends.

KLGUY said...
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KLGUY said...

I'm working near a golf course and packing my belongings,
My office is just one of em commercial buildings,
I probably have one brand of photocopier machines,
Which is located near my cubicle space.

I am who I am,
You are who you are,
Nothing can change how i feel and that is the truth,
Trust me I have no fear although I don't have any proof.

anttyk said...

Wah... Bert! You have nice eyes!!!

Ps: Ah Girl... Koko bring you go eat dry bakuteh, okie?