Thursday, November 19, 2009


Imagine this (yea, recently I've got nothing better to blog then write some nonsense in my blog - thanks also to my seriously-i-dont-know-why-he's-so-bored-in-Jarkarta- colleague who has been bugging me to put up this hypothetical question)
The government has declared that end of the world is indeed coming and you don't have that 1 billion euros to get on the 'ship' that'll save you life.

It's a week away. What will you do?

a)Run amok and kill/plunder anyone in your path

b)Stay home with your family and wait for doomsday?

c) Crazy stuff you would never dare do in this world today. I remember last week I asked the exact same thing to a couple friend of mine and he chose to 'rob a bank'. Like WTF. So the other half said, if that was his preference, why not divorce and do things they have longed for seperately.

d) Hide in a bunker and hope Armageddon will just pass by

e) Screw your boss upside down and tell him/her/IT what a jerk he's been and QUIT. But before that spit in his/her/ITs face and you better be damn well sure that it's really the end of the world coming. (Disclaimer: Well this ain't gonna be me!!)

f) fCUK everyone you see??

Well, what would you do?

I'll prob. go with (c) and have a sinister plan in mind....chuckles***(only my devilicious fren, Jo-ANNA, would probably speculate what i would be up to !!)

happy Thursday!


kennut's Blue wonder said...

here's a few ideas:

a) if I do that, the PDRM will gun me down before I can say "Hi!"
b) possible, this is a slow death with your loved ones
c) rob a bank, hijack a plane, kidnap some models ;-)
d) might as well stay inside a coffin
e) no comment
f) possible, only females need to apply....

disclaimer: these are "what if", there's no right or wrong...when you know you're going to die....

Chut Mia said...

I think I may be able to fit everything in the list.

1. I will screw my boss (e), (my boss' a she and she controls my life -- wife)
2. I will fit (f) into (c), I want to do all the crazy things I'd always wanted to do, and tht includes (f) but of course, I'd do that to ladies of certain quality
3. Then i will do (b) and (d), which is to hide with my family in a bunker for safety.
4. When it is safe, and u know everything on the surface has been vaporised, I will do (a) that is to kill everyone so that I have a better chance of survival.

calene said...

i'd choose A :D

Siao Yue said...

muahaha , I am just gonna rack up an enormous credit card debt

Anonymous said...

SY, I wouldnt go out shopping and spending money.. looks like there will be a high percentage of ppl running around killing and plundering.. =P