Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What women really want?

When a woman tells you,
'I am not angry at you' - how often does she really mean it?
'No I don't need an anniversary gift and no need to spend money on an expensive dinner'- But will she get pissed off if you don't show an inch of sincerity during that day.

When she says FINE in an argument, do you really expect the end of it?
When she gets you to quit drinking or smoking but you never seem to take the initiative, she retorts, 'Whatever'. But is that really the end of the argument and you're left to smoke and drink in peace?

She says,' I look fat in this.' If you agree, your being an asshole. If you disagree, she's certain you're lying.

So are women really complicated beings?
So men, when your woman says, 'I don't need flowers'. Be really sure that she either hates em' or have pollen allergy, otherwise you're in for a hard time!

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zewt said...

thank God i am married.