Friday, October 30, 2009

Sue's Hen's Party - A Funny Pic

Devil ' Vampirellla' Jo has kidnapped the Bride, Princess Su-Gus from her prince Einnor and tries to take a bite off her virgin flesh and blood, believed to provide one with eternal youth. Guardian Angel Loongus tries to foil her plan by shooting with her invisible gun....

HAHA TGIF folks!! XoXo


anttyk said...

Guardian Angel Loongus' gun looks a little flimsy to me.

KLGUY said...

Loongus should trim some fat....cut down on your *strange* lifestyle & beer shld help.

KLGUY said... is not about party and party and party. Almost half your life has gone...remainder years...what u gonna do about it? Party with friends? Well...a friendly advice...think twice b4 its too late babe! U are no longer 18 or 22.