Friday, July 10, 2009

Random pics from Jakarta

Finally, I have managed to upload some pictures.

The past 4 days have been soooooo tiring - training, automobile manufacturing plant tours, dinners, post dinner drinks and I am still brain dead. I apologize for the lack of quality posts as I only have energy to post up random pics while watching my long overdue series.

The view of the Shangri-La at night. Shot taken from the pool trying out the night mode. I'm still trying to figure out how not to have that bright exposure. I've tried lowering ISO, turning off the flash - still does not work.The view of the pool at night. Can't wait to take a swim this coming Sunday.Muahahahah.. a BIG difference from the room in Hanoi. Spacious, comfortable pillows, warm comforters....Toilet- not as impressive but nice Lavender smelling toiletries.

A picture of sunset in Jakarta. I don't know the name of this beach - but they have a pretty good seafood restaurant named Jimbaran here. Wooo....let's see if I can become an expert in taking sunset pics!
And finally a picture of an 'antique' Toyota - picture snapped during a tour of PT Astra's Museum.
Can't wait to have a relaxing weekend by the pool and in Bandung before we start the 7.30 am work day next week in Jakarta.

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