Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Georgy's big 3-0

Georgy will turn 3-0 on Wednesday! Pictures have been posted into FB so I won't do a lot of posting here.

We celebrated his bert-day at Wei Keat's house on Saturday with a BBQ party and lots of alcochol..last yr he bragged about being THE INVINCIBLE one..but was down slumped on the sofa after 1 hr. This year he was spared the trauma!

This is the first day of my 2 weeks stint in Bangalore alone on job..and I saw a damn bloody good looking Indian on the flight enroute from KL-Bangalore -me on 22C and him on 23D fuiyoh..just across the aisle! Whoaaa!! I probably look a bit retarded by looking back over my shoulder the entire 3 1/2 hrs flight. He's no Sharukh Khan but ermm like Calene puts it...looking at him is as if time has stopped moving..whoaa!! Fair, well built, tall, speaks flawless English and most importantly not that hairy!

Been dreamily telling all my frens about him and these are all the responses I got from them:-

-never accidentally fall on him while going to toilet?

-drop a hanky in his way!

-just give him ur phone number directly and tell him 'Call me'

Anyway, attention away from Mr Drop Dead Gorgeous. Here's wishing G an early bert-day cause I'm too cheapskate to spend RM2.50 on one sms to him!!!!(Sorry had to divert the attention away from G's big 3-0!)

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