Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the way to work in Bangalore

Pictures were taken from inside the car because I wouldn't dare to open the car window with all the pollution and the bikes and the 3 wheeled taxis zipping in and out of the cramped roads. (Yeah..so don't mind the reflection in the glass!)
A typical day in Bangalore on Banerghatta roadTraffic starts to build. It took me more than an hour to get to work yesterday (the distance of maybe from Kl Sentral to Eastin hotel) in an unusual morning rain that flooded the Banerghatta road.I can't tell if this is a pile or rubbish or a construction site.
Yeah, tell me how long you've not seen buses like this packed with passengers on their way to work!I swear I saw cows just across the road from Accenture, situated in the IT hub, dubbed the Silicon Valley of Bangalore once during my last trip back in 2007.

So, yeah thats's all folks for tonight till the weekend. I have too much time on hand now - hence the 'serve no purpose' photos being posted! Perhaps I should really consider sightseeing around Bangalore this weekend since I have already been to Mysore 2 years back...otherwise, what will I be doing stuck in the room? Talking to Bert eh!!!

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