Friday, March 27, 2009

Body Odour

What kind of person are you?
A) Direct & Straight to the point
B) Beat around the bush to get your point -cause you are Little Ms Nice.
C) Seem nice in the outside but is a mega b***h behind the scenes
D) Afraid to voice your thoughts.

Say an acquaintance has really bad body odour, will you
A) Tell them off nicely they smell
B) Beat around the bush until they get the point that they smell, perhaps your opening line could be, 'Did you just have garlic' or 'Do you use perfume?'
C) Bear with the smell but bitch about it to all your buddies later on.
D) Just bear with the smell, after all it's just your acquaintance

What if your close buddy has the really bad BO? Will you,
A) Say it in their face that the do smell - and ask them to do something about it, after all what are friends for right?
B) Suggest that they may want to start using cologne/deodorant/perfume.
C) Ask all your other close friends if they have noticed anything funny about XXX and get them all to smell him/her -and have a good laugh about it later on.
D) Do nothing - you can't bear to see your friend hurt

If you have chosen mostly A, good on you. You'll probably get your problem resolved sooner or later rather than suffocate.
If you have chosen mostly B, you're such a diplomatic and nice person. But your message may not get across and you maybe suffocated by bad BO in the near future.
If you have chosen mostly C, you're a mean ole' person but you'll still suffocate from bad BO!
If you have chosen mostly D, you're probably like my friend J, who has noticed that our friend has BO for a long long time and chose to keep quiet and live with that smell!!!!!


KOJI said...

my friend K chose all A) but still act like friend J..

Siao Yue said...

koji: means your friend still nice person underneath!!!!

calene said...
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