Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 3 - Siem Reap

Before I forget, lets introduce our guide from day 2-4, Mr Rottana, who speaks good English and is very knowledgeable on the places that we visit. Very friendly, obliging and alwasy ready to take a good shot of you! Strongly recommend him to anyone wishing to tour Siem Reap. He can be contactable at (855)12 878 531

Full of his touching life stories, he will never fail to make you bored throughout the tour.

We started off Day 3 by waking up at 5 am in the morning to be able to reach Angkor wat by 6am to watch the sunrise, approximately at 7 am.

Little Cambodian kid at Angkor Wat...

Our local breakfast at a nearby coffeeshop which serves delicious pork/chicken/seafood/beef kueh teow/ porridge and other types of 'dim sum'.

and 8 people can eat this much!!!!

Our next stop was to Banteay Srei...40km away from the town. Good time to take a quick nap before we start the afternoon.

After the temple, we made a quick stop by the roadside to see how the local villagers process palm sugar.

...and we made another qucik 20 minutes stop at the temple with no records or whatsoever of its history.

and finally at Banteay Samre, a temple built by the King for his father...

This was a picture I took at one of the temples in Day 2 - likely bayon. If u see between the roots, there is a carving.

XoXo....more day 4 pics to come before I sum up my Siem reap tour.

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