Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Year of The Tiger!!!

HAPPY CNY everyone....

While this should be a happy post, I'm sitting and staring at my laptop screen and screaming at myself on my stupidity in my selection of friends all these years.

Although you may take your heart out to treat some whom you regard as your true friends, you realize that people don't return the favour.

1. There is the type that can't stop telling you about your flaws on a daily basis. I'm not sure if it gives them the ego brush thinking they're way better by degrading you or they simply like to piss the SH*T out of you. They tell you via msn and if you don't respond, they take it to tweet or FB to let the whole world know how fat you are or how flabby your arms are or how ugly you look today.

2. Then comes the worst of the lot. The hypocrites. They backstab, criticise and spread rumours about you yet deny it or push the blame to some one else. You don't even waste your time confronting them cause it'll end up with them blatantly denying it. You take them as your confidante but your secrets are all leaked before you know it.

Therefore, 2010, my friends, it's the time to really filter out the 'toxic' ones and start anew!


Juke said...

No friends are really true friends...always have some reservation no matter how close friendship are.

It would be more hurting whenever there is an argument or misunderstanding in a closely bonded friendship.

But don't worry- life is still very long ahead of you...and there are many new friends out there...start to knit some but be cautious no doubt.

As we proceed...our circle of close friends will become smaller...due to work commitments, relationship...or maybe marriage later. Maybe that is part of our lifecycle.

Just relax...and take it easy ya.

Siao Yue said...

Juke : Thanks...gong hei fatt choy to u! hope u having a blast this holiday season

J said...

What a small world!

I'm someone you know from Sri KL and Monash... :P
... and I have a blog too! :)
(hee hee... Am trying to be a bit mysterious....)