Friday, August 29, 2008

And you thought your date was cheap!

Couple of nights back, I went for Happy Hours with some friends, 2 Dudes and 1 Dudette.

And I thought I'd met with the date from hell (read here) till I heard Dudette's experience.

Now, Cheshire, this is really a shame to all mankind alike...

  • Unshamefully asking you to foot his bill because he picked you up in his 'vroom vroom' car. And he's so damn proud of it because he's given us females a chance to proove what we're always fought for - equal rights!!!!!!!
  • Because certain restaurants in Malaysia only allow credit card payments above RMXX, Mr Cheapskate daringly asks Ms Dudette to pay because he did not bring enough cash out and ain't gonna order more cause it's wastage. Obviously here's one fler who's never heard of ATM machines.
  • Disallowing Ms Dudette to place her takeaway on his 'vroom vroom's car seat or carpet alike thinking it'll stain his 'wife'.
When you're on a first date. There's no such thing as equality!!!! The guy's gotta make the first impression right! Someone give me an AK47!

So at the end of the Happy Hour, 2 Dudes decided to 'check out'. 'Keep your money la. Later we're the next people to get bitched about', they stressed.

Disclaimer: This post is purely fictional (duhhhhhhh). If in case you're reading it and think it really relates to you, don't get alarmed. It's merely pure coincidence (ha ha). But in case it really does sound like something you're capable of, it's time to reflect and change or just go shoot yourself in the head.


anttyk said...

Hahahahahaha... Luckily, I don't need to go dating anymore...

Siao Yue said...

anttyk: but were u like that before???? muahahaha

Daniel said...

Anttyk: I can't pay cos i have to save money for my YunNam treatments.

anttyk said...