Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SMS Etiquette

Last week, I sent my dad an SMS. It went something like this,

Me: Where is dinner on Saturday?
Dad: Super Tanker (restaurant) @ 6.30

Ok. Left the sms as it is. Got the answer I wanted.

Couple of days later, he brought up the topic and gave me a good err..won't call it sounding or trashing - Ok, let's call it Piece of Advice.

"How come few days ago you ask me something on sms and you never reply me."

But what's there to reply. I asked a question, he replied - end of story.

Oh I later found out, it is SMS etiquette to at least acknowledge with a Yes/No/Thanks.

But isn't that wasting like 15 cents. Yes - But it's still etiquette!!

Then what about those friends of mine who can't be bothered replying sms-es even when a question with a big "?" is posed? Or those who acknowledge you sms days or even weeks later - and the excuse is "busy-la" or "what's there to reply?"

If I were to send you an sms with some contents like say for example, "MAS got cheap air fare now...". What are you meant to reply me to show u have sms etiquette?

I then asked around - and oh yes, apparently there are many people who are really mindful that you don't acknowledge their sms-es! So from now on folks, have some DECENT SMS etiquette ok!!!



calene said...

aiyah if the answer is a statement then no need to reply la..

cannot tahan those that keep smsing you until you dun even know HOW to reply back without sounding like you wanna end the whole conversation ASAP

Siao Yue said...

calene: so if i make a statement something like 'Calene is a toot toot" then are u meant to reply to acknowledge u receive my sms?

calene said...

what the heck is toot toot?
if your statement is
"calene is a happy girl" then erm..
asnwer yes?

aiyak..i just...contradicted myself <_<


shaun said...

this is all a conspiracy by the telco to get you all to send more sms.. imagine if we all follow the proper sms "etiquette", their sms revenue will increase by many many fold...

a simple msg.. "i am on the way" that dont usually get a reply will lead to a conversation... "ok..", "see you soon", ":)", ":)"... where does it end???

Siao Yue said...

shaun: so mucdh for a person who dont even pick up calls man!

shaun said...

just not allowing my friends to fall into the telco's trap... how nice of me right??