Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Malaysian Women's Weekly

I lost RM3 last night at a gambling session. But got home to find this waiting in the post for me!!! Woohoo..first prize in the Malaysian Women's Weekly -Quantum of Solace (James Bond) Contest I joined couple of months back. Can't even remember what the first prize is - considering I enter about 4-5 contests in a month!?!
This morning I did a quick search on google as I was anxious to know what the prize would have been - as the letter mentioned movie premiums worth more than RM1000. Perhaps one year's supply of movie tickets or at least some limited edition James Bond watch??

Search proved fruitful!!!

Ermm..FIRST PRIZE - RM1000 Celebrity Fitness Voucher and RM50 limited edition Quantum of Solace Keychain! HAHHAHAHA I think it's god's will. I must be getting too fat after the CNY long break from all the pigging out of junk food and this win should be a solution to my ballooning weight!


Anonymous said...

congrats.. but what does Celebrity Fitness have to do with "movie premiums"?

Siao Yue said...

kev: beats me also...i was looking at the letter and i really thought 1 year supply of movie tickets freee....HAHAHA

Stephen said...

wahh... so "ong" ah this year!!! a good start to a fresh new year! :D

Siao Yue said...

stephen: urs also not bad...all the winning tickets to this event that event!!! may the year of the ox bring us abundant wealth!! then when u come back KL can 'chia' me makan big big!