Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Year of the OX!!! - Part 2

Day 4 of CNY. The Year of the Ox - so far so good. From 9 days of holidays, I'm now down with another 3. Time sure does fly past. This year has been a bit different for me as I no do not have to goto the ex's hometown to 'bai lin' - which has been a tradition for the past 4 years. So from day 3 onwards, I've been just house visiting, sitting around watching Astro at home and winning money! He he he.

On day 2 of CNY, my family and I had a open house - also the first time since we moved to our place 3 years ago. Couz WF, who's an apprentice chef whipped up a delicious lunch for all of us. From vietnamese spring rolls to pasta to salad. I only contributed the mash potatoes, which of course got insulted. "At least I had 2 scoops WHAT"- Calene told me.

Ok what! Looks not too bad!
For the first time in many many years, I've had a winning streak since my HKD1600 win at the Venetian Macau few weeks back. Small win is better than nothing!! So may the good luck run throughout the year of the Ox!!!!!


Daniel said...

You forgot to mention that your dad is Dou San.

Sunshine said...

Wow..looks like someone is in the winning streak!Gong Xi Gong Xi..

BTW "you're tag"!

Siao Yue said...

daniel: and i am 'dou sing'?

sunshine: and i see ur 'po'-ing the series now..same no.62 only.

calene said...

ehhh i didn't insult your potato laa..... at least i still ate 2 BIG scoops somemore.
Besides, eating that already made me full ^_^

Siao Yue said...

cal: he he not u insult la!!!!! the insulter is keeping quiet here

Sunshine said...

I'm waiting for more to be uploaded...I just got done with 71...So far so

Ehh u dou san then no need to go work anymore just get all ur earning from gambling :P

Teresa said...

wah siao yue, one win after another win la you.... from the chanel 1st prize thingi!!!! & losing RM3 from gambling is puny! hehe


Siao Yue said...

teresa: i lost 40++ in one seating just now..guess my CNY luck running out thats all for me!