Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My first encounter with a Dickhead in 2009

I am not even going to put an *** to all the names I am about to call the moron who started an argument with me last night. This merely shows how agitated I was last night.

I had just got home from drinks with Cal and Teresa last night and noticed that my parking lot was being blocked by 2 MPVs as was about to park my car into my allocated parking lot at my condo. A couple of ppl got off the car and the Indian driver was bringing stuff down from the car. MPV 1 moved away.

I waited for about 10 seconds and when they showed no sign of removing the 2nd car, I honked twice..and ONLY TWICE no more no less. (I've always had an impression that Japanese were very polite and accomodating people until this dickhead came along).

So dickhead, carrying his little girl and I reckon drunk (because his face was as red as a monkey's ass) knocked on my window and had the courtesy to ask me TO SHOW HIM SOME RESPECT. No wanting to cause a fuss as he was most probably my neighbour, I apologized and told him that I merely wanted to ask his driver to move the damn car and let me park. CAN'T YOU WAIT..he said in his politest tone (** sarcasm intended).

After what seemed like another few minutes, his Indian driver finally moved the car and I reversed into my parking. Before I could even reverse, asshole blocked me again and knocked at my window (still carrying his little girl). "CAN U SHOW SOME RESPECT " he repeated, "Even he (pointing at another driver - remember there were two MPV's) said you have no respect". WTF - does he really think he is the CEO of Panasonic or Honda or something that I have to bow at the very sight of him - or wait till the driver sees that this entire brood of children and submissive wife gets into the elevator safely before he can move the damn car away? He could be, BUT I ain't his ** toot** (censored) staff!

Now he really got my blood boiling. What is wrong with this moron? Shouted back at him that he was not showing ME any respect in the first place. Not wanting to loose face I guess in this argument, he made his final remark, which obviously sounded like a threat to me as I ignored him and continued reversing my car. YOU WATCH OUT were his last words (repeated it twice)!. Moron..you would expect a man of his status and calibre to have much more dignity.

I guess my 2009 did not get off to a very good start. This is probably my third encounter with idiots, starting with the RedBox incident....Hope things pick up once I start my Macau holiday tomorrow.

A picture of moron's car I took...JUST HAD TO POST IT

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