Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Year of the OX!!!

We usher in the Year of the Ox tomorrow!!!!! The older we get, the less 'ang pows' we get. And the questions never change every year you visit your relos houses, 'When going to get married ah?' - and they never give up. And every year you're inclined to give the same answers, 'After you son/daughter aunty!" Otherwise it'll be, "Wah leng lui already" or "Wah fat already!" -mostly the latter and you'd wish you are able to throw the whole plate of "yee sang' into their faces. (If years younger, they'd probably would have pinched my cheeks!)

That said, the guys and myself had a pre CNY BBQ dinner at Jack's house last Friday. The night started around 7.30 with food and pre-dinner drinks (well not like the guests had a choice - Jack made all late comers down one shot of vodka every 6 minutes they're late!)

The gracious and handsome (ahem) host

Cal is very happy to see people get punished for being late - holding the glasses that would be filled with vodka shots - see the broad smile?

Jerome - our chef for the night did a great job with the BBQ

One of my favourite dishes for the night -mashed potato. So nicely done up by Jerome - Cal practically whacked 1/2 the pot (no I'm not exaggerating). I'm gonna try his recipe very soon. Looks easy but you'll never know!!!Jack's favourite - cockles (which was not exactly everyone's favourite)Being a pre-CNY gathering, the 'lou sang' is a must!!

Living in a multiracial and multicultural country, we were all really surprised that Hedzri - our muslim friend had never tried to 'lou sang' in his life (considering this dish is customary Malaysian Chinese tradition during Chinese New Year). A quick interview with him....

Nintendo wii and drinking games which lasted until almost 1 am. Damn, now I'm quite excited to get my very own set- that's if I get enough ang pow's this CNY. Yeah wishful thinking! I reckon people are getting stingier with the angpows as we get older. Either that or they expect you should already be married and giving to their kids/ grandkids instead.
The guys kept giving me shit about how crap I was at such games. Wait till I get my very own and beat their asses and shut their mouth! Woooohoooo

That's all for this post. Here's to wishing everybody a great year ahead.

May the Year of the Ox bring in prosperity for everyone, wealth, good health and a great love life ahead. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!

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Shyan said...

Hedriz: "like plum tree in tokyo autumn..." Lol..