Sunday, January 4, 2009

Uniquely Malaysian

Has to be my looks.

Otherwise, why do I keep getting bad service lately - or rather I have a problem with my eyesight and hearing that I can't seem to understand what these silly service people show/ tell me and tend to throw a big fuss later. Or is it just that Malaysians working in the service industry are simply underpaid, hence feel grumpy and disgruntled all day long? (Remember red Box Drama last week??)

I was waiting for a movie at the Pavillion KL GSC last night. Had an hour more to kill, which I decided to just get a drink, when I saw this sign at Athena, a Mediterranean Restaurant:-

Note: Yes, I guess my 'staying out of alcohol' plan for 2 weeks has failed not even into it's 2nd day...

Plunked my big, fat ass into one of the many empty seats inside and got the waiter to take our orders. I confirmed with him that their house pouring wine is indeed buy one free one (wine is less fattening than beer!). He confirmed and told us that for whites they have Chardonnay and Shiraz for red. OK, so I took the white and friend took the red.

..sip, sip.. sip, yak yak yakkk....45 mins breezes by and we ask for the bill.

WHAT...they charged us RM64 something for 2 glasses of wine including all the service tax, government tax ....

So we got the one of the waitress and pointed that there has to be a mistake in the billing. Wasn't it supposed to be Buy 1 Free 1? Oh yes, it's actually Buy 1 white, free one white, buy 1 red free 1 red. Yeah, so why didn't the guy taking the order specify when I asked if it was buy 1 free 1...nevermind that my question fell on deaf ears to her.....

'Then would you like you free glass of wine now?' WTF!!!!!

NO. So we insisted they should charge us for one instead of the 2 considering the waiter did not specify to us upon ordering. Ok, so she took the bill from us and beckoned for the other dude (who took our order) to clarify the misunderstanding.

Black faced Indian (as in his face was literally sulky and sour not the fact that he was an Indian - so no racist remarks intended here) also said the same load of crap.....we also insisted on the same point where he did not specify upon ordering. I think he was feeling rather agitated at that point because he virtually snatched the bill away from us to make the amendments (I SWEAR!).

The customers walked out feeling contented as they have got things their way ..... but I'm sure we must have left them thinking 'Those blardeeeeee cheapos' - carrying a Coach Bag still so cheapskate.

Ok least the black face waiter still managed a smile as we left the restaurant....

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