Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Blur Taxi Man in Singapore

Got a cab from Alexandra Road to Tiong Bahru yesterday for lunch.

Arriving at our destination 10 minutes later, uncle suddenly tells us 'Aiya, I forgot to turn on the meter!' WHAT!!! Originally I thought would have been a case of cabbie trying to cheat us.

But he charged us SGD 4.00 for the ride. Christee said it would normally be more, close to SGD5. Then, I asked for a receipt.

"Sure, no problem"

Barely 1o seconds later, he suddenly exclaimed, "Aiya, I turn off the meter" HUHHHHHH!!!

Fidgeting with his meter, he managed to print a receipt with no mileage, no change in time for me. Just a receipt that indicated SGD4.00...

Uncleeee...what happen-leh!

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