Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Concorde Hotel Singapore

June 4 /2010 - Please read follow up post:

For some strange reasons, housekeeping services in most Singapore hotels suck. I don't know why. Every other day I get back to my room and find something is just not right. No towels, no this, no that the list goes on.

Due to the Great Singapore Sales, I guess, prices of hotels have sky rocketed around this period and I have to settle for a cheaper hotel further down Orchard Road. The Concorde Hotel Singapore looks awful from the outside but the rooms have been pretty much refurbished and I must say, in pretty good condition. No complains there. Minus point though, some of their staff standing at the entrance/ lifts area don't know how to even give u a proper smile as u walk into the hotel.

Oh I was about to bitch..I walked into my room yesterday and thought I felt something wrong. They'd forgotten to clean my room !!! I thought perhaps I'd accidentally pressed the DND sign but then I realized, the hotel was still running on the ancient system where you just leave a door card outside saying either 'please make up room' or 'do not disturb'.

So I called them ... ok a simple apology, no explanations given......and my room was cleaned while I went for my dinner and did some damage to my pockets. Seriously, why am I such a sucker for Marc by Marc Jacobs! They've finally got their own store in the Mandarin Gallery on Orchard Road! Damage done? Of course!

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Because you are a shopping Queen?:)