Sunday, June 13, 2010

Library, The Curve

For the first time in a long long time, I've had a taste of f*****g bad service and unbelievably rude waiters.

Sad isnt it, when you have a great bar that serves Hoegaarden, a not-too-bad band and it's all spoiled by ridiculously horrid service.

Lin threw a surprise bday for her hubs at Library yest and got all of us there for what we would have expected to be a fun filled night out. Ok 2 incidences!

1) A lady came around handing over some questionnaires to fill in with regards to the new Mid Valley branch of the Library. Cal said to me to put in the other remarks column to 'get less arrogant' waiters to make the library experience more enjoyable. I completed it, forgot to return the pencil. Woman did not utter a single word to me, but tapped me on the shoulders and pointed to the pencil. Seriously??

2) Cal and Lin went to the washroom. So as usual, Lau, Jo and myself launched into a gossip session of I think would have been 'my dream guy', Jo's dream guy, Lau's dream guy or something like that. Deeply engrossed in our conversation, we did not realize that some waiter came and cleared everything on our table, including Lin's Kampai, which she had barely started on. When they got back, they were surprised. Called the waiter. He insisted he only cleared one bottle of Kampai and even had the cheek to empty the bin beside us to show only 1 bottle! He then walked off before even getting to the bottom of this. Got him back...he blamed it on the 3 of us for not telling the waiters when they came to clear our table. No apologies. Some argument ensued between Lin, her hubs and the waiter and they demanded to see his manager. Manager came, said would investigate as he had no idea who would have cleared the 2nd bottle. Never came back....(when I left at 1 ish, there was no sign of the dude). Hmm perhaps the bottle of Kampai has legs and sneakily walked away when the 3 of us were too busy chatting :)

Oh no.....late for my gym class.....! XOXO....

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Angeline said...

The Kampai never came back....even we left at almost 2 am...Library is suck and will be the first and last visit. I never experience such a rude waiter and incompetence manager in any where else.