Friday, June 4, 2010

Concorde Hotel Singapore - The Follow Up

This is what real customer service is about.

So somehow, Concorde Hotel managed to track down my previous blog post complaining about their services.

The next day I got a little note slipped under my room that the Assistant Manager would like to speak to me...hmm weird....

Anyway cut the story short, I called him/ her and was asked about my blog complaints and anything they could do to make my stay better. Informed them that my room had already been cleaned and no fuss about that!

Last night got back to my room and found a big platter of fruit (very fresh!) on the work table with an apology note! Whoa...ok i'm kinda impressed at this stage.

Upon check out this morning, the very nice Mark, Front Office Manager was waiting for me to speak about the whole incident. After clearing the air, I made my way back to office before I'm off to airport at noon.

What can I conclude from this whole incident? Although Concorde Hotel is in a less strategic location as compared to Meritus Mandarin - our usual preferred hotel (now known as Mandarin Orchard Singapore), with the hotel rates and tip top customer service, it's definitely worth considering!

p/s: with my sleep problems in the last couple of weeks, I was rather surprised I managed very sound, undisturbed sleep in this hotel (free internet also!!!)! PLUS PLUS PLUS point! Now I'm refreshed and ready to start the weekend with a blast!

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