Monday, June 7, 2010

Love is one strange thing!


Love can be the strangest thing ever.

You may find this person to be the most amazing thing that ever happened to you and he's everything that you can think of (ok maybe, a bit of an exaggeration here). You probably can't find anyone else on the same compatibility level, that makes you laugh almost as much - that when you first met you think "damn seems like I've known you forever". But yet, the feelings are purely on a friendship level. You are totally emotionless to the girls he's ever been with. You listen and you sympathize with his love problems but never never get upset or hurt.

Then there's the guy next door whom you never thought about, but he made it seem as though it was all about you. You talk, you laugh, you feel comfortable around him but he never gave you that tingling sensation or any exceptional good vibes when you first met. Suddenly, before even realizing it, you get edgy when he doesn't call, you get frustrated when you don't hear from him and you get yourself thinking, are you already into him. Oh and don't forget looking at the dreaded blackberry 1000 times a day to see if u get his texts. But it looks like he may not be that into you after all?

Then there's the guy...alwasy at your beck and call. He's like your confidante, your best friend and he likes you! But again, your thoughts are so fixed onto mr-now-who's not-that-into-you that you overlook mr nice guy's quality.....damnn
Love can be one helluva roller coaster ride. Live with it and life goes on..........

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