Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paramount Hotel

They say beggars can't be choosers. And that's exactly the type of shit you'll get when staying in a hotel that looks like 'something from the 60s or 70s': quote Daniel Chee -with a connecting mall that is lined up with dodgy bars at the G floor and GROs lined up outside smoking, at 7 ish in the evening.

So I was happily charging my BlackBerry, waiting for 'his-truly' to text and watching the last few episode of my TVB series on my laptop (running on batteries) when the switch tripped and my whole room was in darkness for a good 15 minutes. When I called the Operator, I guess she sounded just as shocked. 15 minutes later, Mr-Maintenance comes up, hear his ladder at the corridors and poof the lights came back on.

Heard a knock on my door...opened it. 'It's ok right now? What were you doing in the room?'

WTF...what was I doing?

Haha, I am amazed at the number of unfortunate events when I stay in Singapore Hotels. Why is this so?

p/s: went to a nice little restuarant on Dempsey on Saturday night. Will blog more about it when I am not too lazy. Can't believe that Universal Studio tickets are FULLY SOLD OUT for the next 2 weekends. Any other options what we can be doing apart from the Casinos and contributing to SG's economy by spending money at the Great Singapore Sales?


Weng Kong said...

Hi Jessie

I wanted to go to universal studios too as I will be in Sg next weekend. Any idea why it is sold out or where can i get them?


Siao Yue said...

hi wilson: i tried to get them online but it's fully sold out for the coming 2 weeks - weekday maybe easier. I managed to get someone who works there to help us with the tickets otherwise I think almost impossible to get them for these 2 weeks!

Weng Kong said...

u reckon u can get 2 tickets on 1/8/10 for me? would really appreciate it.

Siao Yue said...

Wilson: I will try to ask for u k...but no guarantees! if there's anything I'll leave a comment here k!