Wednesday, July 14, 2010

World Cup Fever- finally over

Raki & me at the Finals in Brussels Bar - Jaya 1

Yeah, the WC fever is finally over and suddenly we feel that life seems so empty, no more waiting for 10pm and 2.30pm matches - that to kill time, I made Cal accompany me to Mid Valley the other day. I only stayed up for three 2.30am matches (Nederlands Uruguay, Uruguay v Germany amd Nederlands v Spain..hehehe kinda obvious eh?).

The damned octopus was right - 8/8 and that gave me another reason not to blog earlier. Jo once said to me, men somehow become impotent for a week when they fav team crashes out of the WC. What about the women?

Gonna catch Eclipse with the girls tonight. Have been putting too many movies on hold - not even watched Triple Tap yet with the stunningly handsome Daniel Wu (sadly, no longer single and available).

I forsee a very packed travelling schedule for the remaining 1/2 year and hopefully by then, have more pics to post!

Till my next post from Singapore - wings, wings, wings here I come.


Sunshine said...

Hey babe!!U looked like you lost quite a bit of weight!!

I didn't know you were into football??

Siao Yue said...

sunshine: haha its the shirt effect la...wish i had lost!

hehehehe ppl watch i mai tag along lor

Sunshine said...

hahah wanna share weight loss secret? :) don't pai seh kay!! leng chai watching is it??

Siao Yue said...

sunshine: if really got i dont mind sharing...hahaha but u look at some of my other Fb photos...really mo difference leh!!!

haha leng zhai...i wish also! u wanna intro any?