Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Universal Studios - Singapore

I had no plans whatsoever to visit Universal Studios in Singapore mainly because of the bad reviews they have been getting from my friends and their friends.

And of course I also felt that with the major attractions such as the Bettlestar Galatica Cylon and Human closed, SGD72 was not worth the money for a weekend. Nevertheless, last Sunday, I was still suckered to go there. Tickets were fully booked when I checked online, but thank god for awesome clients, they managed to secure 3 tickets for us.

I must say that Universal Studios Singapore is rather small - but many people have asked...compared to HK Disneyland? I really don't know -never been there. They have The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi Tour, New York, and Hollywood.

This is a picture in Far Far Away...

And my fav. character of all time...SHREKKKIIIEEEEE...the 4D show was pretty awesome. Totally worth to go expereince it!

Muhammad saw the picture below and said somehow I look like one of the penguins with my clothes and all.....!!!!

And here's one in Hollywood.
We went on most of the opened and more thrilling rides as well as managed to catch some shows...not those kiddies onesss.
Waited till 1pm for the Waterworld show. Pretty impressive I must say and rather action packed. At 2, we managed to catch a musical in Hollywood - with all the Universal Studio Monsters like Dracula and all that...
Although it is relatively small, I must say that they've done a pretty good job with it so far....and no complaints about that although few of the rides were not opened. My fav must have been the 'Revenge of the Mummy', where we had to queue for about 25 minutes. Roller coaster plunging into the darkness...reads the description on the brochure...
They give you a SGD5 retail voucher and SGD 5 meal voucher in the ticket package but trust me SGD 5 retail voucher almost buys you nothing. We had some burgers in 'Hollywood' - nothing to shout about but not crap either!
Overall the 4 1/2 hrs was well spent but once would definitely be enough for anyone cintemplating visiting US at this time....
To end the post, here's a picture of the 'people of universal studios'..
Till my next post folks!!

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OMG. My eyes are BLEEDING. That man's shorts are way too short (especially for someone who is not a hot male model)!