Thursday, July 22, 2010

PS Cafe in Dempsey

Last Saturday, went to this little gem in Dempsey for dinner. I've ever only been to Dempsey once in the afternoon for Indian.

Liked the setting very much, very romantic, but 'sadly' (he he) I was with a friend from uni days so kinda defeats the purpose to be at such a romantic place for dinner yea! ha ha
Took out my LX3, ready to take some good shots after we were seated at our table when Eddie mentioned that it's a good camera and he used to have on, to which I said really loudly, 'But isn't it more of a girly camera.....'. Next thing I knew, guy next table whipped up his LX3 from his bag and showed me his, laughing at my remark. DAMN!!!!

Anyway, the menu did not have any risotto, usually my first preference in a restaurant like this, so I opted for their daily specials, steak with foie gras. Medium please!!!.
The dish came topped with mash potatoes and gravy. The taste was exactly to my liking and beef was very tender!

Eddie's super huge steak burger. Loved the sauce for the fries. Tasted something like mayo with a hint of thai spicy sauce. Wauw!!! Did not try the burger though..

2 glasses of water, 2 main courses and 1 latte later, bill came up to about SGD 100 or less - can't really remember. Not exactly cheap but food, I'd give it a 7.5/10, service 8/10 and ambience 8/10! Average dish costs about SGD25 for a main.
Good experience and would definitely go back there again. Gonna try Tawandang on Dempsey with the colleagues tonight. Wait for next post folks!
p/s...can't wait for universal studios on Sunday wah la la!!!


J said...

You didn't have any desserts?? :P

Siao Yue said...

J: too full la I would have loved to try the sticky date pudding...damn!....

last night went to thai-german place..also was too full for dessert although food was great! wait for post!