Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kazu @ Cuppage Plaza, Singapore

Met up with more Uni mates last Sunday for Japanese - Kazu Sumi-Yaki Restaurant in Cuppage Plaza for dinner. Was told there are 2 seatings due to the small layout of the resuarant and never ending crowd. We opted for the 7pm one.

This place came highly recommended by Jules and a few other friends...

Starter off with cabbages with some miso sauce (on the house) as appetizers.

The lady recommended us to try their Kodai - i think it's sea-bream sashimi. Very fresh and the portion, a wee bit too little comparing the size of the fish. SGD 38.

Garlic Rice - sort of a must have in most Japanese meals.

This must have been one of my favourites for the night. A whopping SGD35 for this HUGE oysters to be shared between the 3 of us. Raw oysters topped with a tangy like sauce. Very appetizing indeed! The oyster must have been about the size of my palm or even bigger!

We had 3 sticks of Enoki Wagyu - yum yum. The Wagyu was grilled just right - not too tough, not too raw and definitely not stingy on the enoki.

Almost everything tasted just about right in the place. Here's the bacon wrapped with oysters. Now, this is something I've barely seen in KL.

Then we had the standard stuff people normally order in Japanese grills, pork slices wrapped with Asparagus but nevertheless, yummylicious!

Something which I would strongly recommend if you are not put off by the thought of having a cow's tongue in your mouth! Crunchy, lightly salted and grilled exactly to my liking.

Remember our Kodai sashimi from earlier on. Now here's what they did with the bones. Deep fried it till golden brown and you can then savour the whole damn fish!

We saw many tables ordering this and being the gluttony us, we had to have it too! It's a sort of meat and vege minced into a ball. Nothing special or maybe by this time I was already stuffed to my throat!

This, I think it's called Kamo Nasu Tori - brinjal topped with minced meat & gravy. I like eggplants, especially those grilled ones with the miso sauce in Jap restaurants, so this definitely was something I enjoyed a lot as well.

Ta-dah and of course the highlight of the night, something Jules raved about from the start of the meal till the end, the Foie Gras. Slightly crisp on the outside and very very juicy once you bite into it. Just awesome stuff- but not something everyone would enjoy, especially if you can't stand the smell of duck/ goose.

Bill came up to about SGD180. I guess considering our foie gras and wagyu, it's not too bad.
Here are my ratings for Kazu at 5, Koek Rd #04-05 Cuppage Plaza (+65 6734 2492)
Food: 8/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambience: 6/10
Price: 7/10
Will I go back there again..definitely ..need some change from my staple beer and wings at Ice Cold Beer yeah!

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