Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Travels, Travels and Travels

I have been so caught up with my 'activities' in Singapore lately and hanging out with 'da gang' back in KL that I've got no time to blog. ** more like the lazy bug strikes**

I've been pretty excited the last couple of days mainly due to a few reasons:

1) 9 days more till ... (let's keep this a mystery for now, k!). After all the hiccups and what is, what not, my wait's finally paying offffff!!!

2) a last minute self-invite brings me on a family trip to Tokyo in October. Yippieee I'm estatic but going to be very broke after that. Been sorting out the air flights, my hotels etc. A colleague recommended this http://www.31op.com/iruma/foreign/index_en.html over the Gotemba outlets. Planning a trip to the hot springs in Hakone too! Wauw!!!

3) Got round to confirming the dates and countries for our biggest trip so far - to Europe (out of Asia we go), with the YellowChimp of course. 2011!!! All that Enrich frequent flyer miles expiring in 2011 will come in to good use finally!

4) Someone's also getting married in Bali in June 2011! And I'm invited....ha ha. Bloody awesome! Giving me an excuse to go on a short trip.

No more bags, no more shoes, well, less clothes for the remaining of the year.

Adios! Just 3 more days and back to KL for the long weekend! And 9 more days till I'm finally back in KL and enough of Singapore!


patrickteoh said...

Wow I am so envious. I wish I could take the family out to trips more often. Right now we are kind of limited to as far as Penang or the East Coast.

J said...

Are you sure no more bags n shoes?? :P
(Well, sounds like you are so busy busy busy... Take care!)

Siao Yue said...

patrick: but my credit cards are still in a deficit mode!

j: confirm! ha ha! thats why i have to come back for the weekend. Long weekend here in sg and if i stayed, it would mean shop, shop and more shop!