Friday, August 27, 2010

Greetings from Ho Chi Minh

My very first pho meal at Pho 2000 in HCM - A's recommendation

It's been almost a week now in HCM and I have not had the time to blog because I have been so swarmed with work. A typical day includes work work work, lunch, work work work, dinner, back to hotel, work work work - ok throw in a little swimming, gym, sauna and steam at our very awesome Sofitel hotel (that Oh uses L'occitaine toiletries!)

TGIF. Probably may have to work over the weekend but it'd be great to check out Cu Chi tunnels, the Notre Dame and other local attractions - and of course locate a spa , desperately need that back massage, over the weekend. Have been having great food so far (very fresh seafood) but pictures will come later. We might head down to Vietnam House for some vietnamese food tonight and hopefully there'll be a foodie post soon.
I did manage to bar hop a little on Wednesday night with one of A's friends living in HCM for a little over 5 years now. Kinda reminds me of those agogo bars we see on TV. It's pretty cool really to sit on those stool-like chairs (but with cushion padding and you get to rest your back comfortably) by the roadside drinking a draft Tiger, with Viet music blaring in the background (or maybe even some English pop music) and just guessing the nationality of people passing by.....
Can't wait to start the weekend...bring it on baby!

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