Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1-Altitude, Singapore

Yet again, I had the chance to go try out a spanking new place in Singapore, 1-Altitude on the rooftop of the UOB Building. Occupying the top 2 floors of UOB - I had some finger food and beer on the 61st floor (282). I have not managed to take any pictures because
1) again, I never expected to go off to some fancy looking bar after work in my awful work clothes and messy hair

2) kinda rude to snap away when you're out with people you arent that close with

All I can say about this place is that they have really tasty finger food and a wide selection of whiskey/alcohol....

Just took a quick look around Stella, one floor up, which is a fine-dining concept and finally to the top 1-Altitude. Just a view from the top I managed to snap. Really reminds me of the Lebua State Tower in Bangkok, but of course the view ain't as gorgeous.

Just did a google search on this place and a pretty good write up can be found at

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