Monday, August 30, 2010

Nhien Spa, Ho Chi Minh

Places like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam - you walk around the streets you see plenty of spa and massage places. They may range from the uber cheap (approx RM20 per hour) to the downright high class poshy spas.

Picked up some spa brochures in HCM yesterday but was recommended Nhien Spa - not sure if the lady gets commission from recommending them, but she did mention that they are reasonably priced with excellent service and popular amongst the tourists.

I decided to give it a go anyway as they offer free hotel pick up from District 1. (Call: 091 8169043 for reservation and free pick up).

The spa is only about 5 minutes drive from the Sofitel. The spa on first impression - nothing too impressive or attracted by it, but you will be greeted by friendly staff as you step into their spa.

A range of services are offered - from facial to massages and packages. I wanted to try the 1 hr ginger massage (USD 16) but the lady there cautioned that it may be too hot and suggested the hot stone at USD15 (which is more or less like the prices of a decent massage in KL). Tea and ginger sweets are served while the lady recommends you one of their many services offered.

Strangely, they had 2 people in the room all times during my massage, one to position the stones and help around and the masseur herself. She did a good job the whole 1 hour and pressure was just right (they would ask you before hand). It's probably one of the better hot stone massages I've tried. The best - they have that hot little beanie case they put to cover your eyes, totally relaxing. And if you tell them to focus at problem areas (back, shoulders e.g - they actually do listen)

Overall, it was a really relaxing experience and would love to go again if I have the time. Truly recommended if you're willing to pay a bit more and not fussed about an average looking spa.

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