Monday, May 18, 2009


I've been feeling so lazy lately that I can't even think of a decent topic to blog about. My brain prabably works as slow as this caterpillar's movement ( a pic I captured weeeeeks back...but too lazy to do anything about it and just left it in my camera). And with my recent bout of flu (definitely not the H1N1 as I am still alive after almost 2 weeks) my sluggishness worsens.

Did the New Balance 15km run yesterday - a 15km virgin (I normally only do 10) with Hedz. By the 10th km mark, we were that exhausted that we deicded to walk the last 5km, hence finishing in 2 hrs. (Hedz' was slightly faster as he was rushing off to the toilet for his towards the last km, he decided he needed to use the loo badly). Not too bad considering I saw my once upon a time 'crush', still looking 'sexy' as ever after his 15km run - with all that icky sweat. Whoaa..hehehe

BTW, did I mention that I am currently in Singapore again! Went to Waraku at Starhub Centre with Taki. Stupidly I left my purse (with all the SGDollars) at the office and took the cab to Orchard. Thank god the guy had a credit card machine in his cab, otherwise, I'll probably be blogging from my cell in guy since Taki was late too in meeting me - maybe he would have accepted RM!

The food there used to be 'ichiban'. They've since renovated and all I can say about tonight's dining experinece is - disappointment.

Apart from the Salmon Avocado Salad which was yummy-licious, the rest of the food were either too sweet, too bland, or simply just did not taste good.

Ok..their stick cakes for SGD2.80 was a pretty good deal and something different. I had the green tea tiramisu and it tasted like one of those ice cream on biscuits you get from your local ice cream vendor on their bicycles.

They have definitely lost one customer here.

Adios folks...till my next ahem 'decent' post when I am less lazy, less stressed from upcoming exams, cured from my flu......

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