Thursday, May 28, 2009

What is a BIDET?

After dinner at a restaurant in a poshy hotel last night, XYZ showed us to her room and her toilet subsequently.

She exclaimed ' there are two bowls in my room!'

Amazed, I asked if that is the bowl for the men to pee (I mean after all women do get annoyed at men who leave their traces all over)- and she thought it may have to do with washing your hands. Instantly, I heard 2 uncontrollable laughters from the 4 people in the room.

Yes, and I had to go back and do a google search to know how to spell bidet once I found out its actual usage.

Sua-koo girl in the big city!! This is so embarassing.......


Anonymous said...

amazed that with the amount of traveling you do, you've never run into one before..

question: did you try using it? :)

Siao Yue said...

kevin: make a wild guess!

Sass said...

hahaha thats quite a funny post.

it happened to me abt 6 years ago when i visited fel's house in jakarta. every single bloody bathroom in his house has a bidet and i was curious what it was.

never knew it was called a bidet till a year or so later. i always called it the ass washer. lol

having said that...i never quite liked using the bidet. its weird to get up from one bowl to the other! i much prefer the inbuilt ones.

Siao Yue said...

sass: HAHA so what did u initially really thought it was>