Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Last weekend, my friend Sue Ann lost her little brother to an accident - he was only 16. We are all saddened by her sudden loss. Although I did not know Yu Vern personally, I know how it must feel to lose someone so dear and close to you.

Throughout our lives, people we love come and go. Sometimes we look back and reflect, 'have we really spent enough time with them?', 'have we said everything we want to them?', 'have we apologized for that awful remark we made about them?'

I lost my grandpa when I was only 12. He lost the battle against lung cancer - for a man who never drank and smoke. 5 long years. My memories of him still remain fresh. The joyrides we would take in his old, brown Peugeot around the neighbourhood with grandma. Pehaps what I remember most about Ah Yeh was that he was a generous man who never failed to reward his grandchildren if they did well at school. I remember grandma used to joke - there were 2 men courting her but she chose my grandpa, who was not as good looking and looked not as healthy. But I am sure she never regret that choice.

Just 2 months after graduation, I received the heartbreaking news that my godbrother, Jon, or I more fondly called him 'Ah Gor', sucumbbed to his illness. I never had the chance to give him the FCUK cap I bought for him from Melbourne. It remains with me till today. It seemed like it had just happened yesterday when he got me drunk on gin and tonic and I started wailing, asking him to take me home. My parents thought he'd done something terrible to me :) Hmm...those memories.

But I believe God loved them more.

Don't fret over the little things such as not being able to afford that Hermes while that colleague across you is bragging about hers, don't get agitated that your bestie stained your LV bag, try not to get annoyed over your mother's constant nagging. Live is short. Cherish your loved ones, make it a resolution to spend more time with them irregardless of your crazy work schedule. And most life to its fullest.

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