Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Dummys Take Pictures using the LX3

I've finally replaced my poooooorrrrrr Ixus 80 with the Lumix LX3 rather than the G10 - after much advice, bugging the professionals, and contemplation.

So here we were at Deustche Gasthaus last night trying the various styles and methods of taking quality pics.

This is alcohol deprived Cal after spending 3 days in Cameron Highlands with Yugin.

This is the tomatoes she painstakingly brought down all the way from Cameron - Jack could not resist and took one big bite off my tomato.

A snapshot of our 'ikan bilis' and peanut snack
Hmm.....the 'smoker' obviously wants a picture of this beautifully and uniquely packed ciggie

Here's the future soyabean tycoon, Jacko trying to take a picture of me. Whooo..Jimmy says I look slimmer in this picture. The wonders of the LX3
And finally, here's a picture I took near Pusat Bandar damansara. Fuiyo a licenced vendor selling 'Kuat Ubat Lelaki' - Strong medicine for man. Anybody interested?

Now I can't wait till my Hanoi trip to take many many wonderful shots of Halong Bay.....

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