Monday, June 22, 2009

The Bitch Post

I've met a few interesting characters in the past few weeks that have reallllllly agitated me to the max, sent my temperatures rising and just made me tune on my 'bitch mode' again

1) X, the sex maniac who talks about nothing but sex, sex and more sex to you. He's curious to know if you have a good sex life, curious to know if you have one night stands, curious to know what sort of guys you meet in club that you are likely to bring home.

2) Y, the 'hallucinator' who thinks that you will be marrying him when he buys you a house - you have not even held hands and have made it very clear you have absolutely no interest in him.

3) and finally Z, who can be considered reasonably well off or should I say, definitely well off, but would go the extra mile to save that 10 cents on a bowl of noodles the other side of town- not realizing the other hidden costs such as time/ petrol. In short - penny wise pound foolish.

Sigh or is it just me?!?


calene said...

hehe your luck la

Sunshine said...

You poor girl!!Don't give are just meeting the wrong your eyes mahh...LOL...:P

It'll turn better soon. take care..xoxo

Siao Yue said...

calene: ya ya...i bet one or the mr x,y,z has crossed your paths before.....hahaha

sunshine: haha open very BIG already...maybe i need glasses

Kevin said...

to varying degrees, you will find characteristics of X, Y and Z in all men. the examples you have given are the rule rather than the exception. once you have lowered your expectations, you will find inner peace *omm*

Siao Yue said...

kevin: but u dont talk about sex, you never inititated to buy a house to marry me and ur definitely not 'kiasu' with your money...most times i have to tell u to not spend so much wor..does that make u not a man ..hmm!!

Kevin said...

we both know that if I offerred to buy a house to marry you, you would have declined.

and you are richer than me, so maybe I'm spending big to impress you?

and you want to talk about sex? sure, lets talk ;)

we all have our faults, some just hide it better :P