Monday, June 8, 2009

Hayn's Pizzeria

To cure our Monday blues, my colleagues and I (4 hungry people) headed over to Hartamas for a heavy meal of pizza and pasta at Hayn's Pizzeria.

Situated in the busy Hartamas square a few doors away from Finnegan's, this cosy lil' place ain't that hard to find but parking can be a hassle especially at noon.

(Also testing my new LX3)

Even for starters, we had a whole plate of garlic bread....nicely toasted..

Accompanied by not-so-creamy but tasty mushroom soup. Mushrooms were a plentiful..

I must say, their salad did not disappoint. Crisps lettuce, crunchy crutons, tasty bacon with delicious dressing. We had 2 plates.

Then came our main meals.

The first thing that captured my attention from the menu and highly recommended by other food blogs was the banana pizza. Thing crust and topped with ham, cheese, banana and chocolate dressing - this unique combination of sweet and savoury is a must try. ** Not for non banana lovers though**. We had the smallest size.

We had a regular serving of spicy pizza. Nothing to rave about this one.

Their carbonara pasta has got to be one of the creamiest I've ever tasted. I'm normally not a fan of carbonara but my colleagues loved it anyway.

Ahh...but their spicy seafood pasta, recommended by the waiter was something I enjoyed very much. The sauce tastes your 'gulai' - thick and spicy but nevertheless something different from the usual aglio or tomato based pasta.

To end our meal - we were already stuffed - "Kennut" ordered their apple crumble and 3 scoops of gelato.

The bill came up to approximately RM153 for 4 people. I would say that it is a pretty good deal for the amount of food we stuffed ourselves with and oh, they even do deliveries.

Although they do not have the Halal certification, the waiter assures us that all their food are supplied by halal suppliers.

And it's off to the gym for calorie burning.......

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Stephen said...

Looks really delicious!!! bring me there to makan when I come back!!!