Saturday, June 27, 2009

SanTerri cake shop - Bangsar Village

Disappointment. I have always been a fan of their cakes but the branch in BV2 ......well you be the judge.

One week prior to mother's day, I ordered a Green Tea cake from them and paid a deposit. When I went to collect the cake a week later at 11 am, they told me that they were too busy that day to put the 'Happy Mother's Day' wording although I had pre-ordered the cake a week earlier.

Tonight is grandma's birthday celebration. Last week I went to place and order for their Opera cake and paid a RM10 deposit as requested. When I went to collect the cake at 2pm, I was informed that they had forgotten to place an order for my cake. OMG!!! They then took the one on display for me, assuring me that it was fresh. And when I requested for the wordings to be put as indicated on my booking slip 'Happy Birthday Grandma' , I was told that they did not have anyone with the expertise to write a few simple birthday greetings. The lady even wanted to offer me a used birthday greeting from a slice of chocolate. They then found some plasticy 'Happy Birthday' greetings for me - I mean like I had another choice. Sigghh!!! Well, at least the lady was apologetic and gave me a box of cream puffs.

But how can this level of service be acceptable for an established bakery like San Terri....

Well, let's see what explanation they have to my complaint letter.

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