Sunday, June 21, 2009


Wishing all the father's out there a HAPPY FATHER's DAY!!!! Well, if you haven't done your part as the good son/ daughter - remember to do so!

What did I do? Took my dad, uncle and mom out to Shuraku (blogged a bit about them a couple of months back) to try for the first time. Glad they liked it. We had almost double portions of a few dishes.

Mom's favourite, she had 4 of the Hotate (scallops)-something-something mini pizza
Dad enjoyed the cha-siew a lot

On a different note, I think I have been jinxed or just pure clumsiness. For the past 2 years I have had 5 accidents with my foot/ toe. It started off with me knocking over and breaking one of the 3 chinese deities porcelian statue we had at home - the 'fuk luk sau - 寿'. I think it was the middle one 'luk' for prosperity - cause when the shares came tumbling down like Jack and Jill that year - I was the one to be blamed.

Couple of months later in early September 2007, I crashed against the sofa and cracked two toes. A little over a year, remember my blog post where the wine bottle fell from the trolley in KLIA and hit my big toe? Sometime in November 2008, if I remember clearly, I did a 10km run with Hedz and ended up with a strained foot for 2 weeks.

So guess what happened this morning? Attemped the 'Dance Mix' class at the gym where you had to do like a 360 degrees turn jump thingy and krraakkk....there goes my ankle. So here I am again, walking with a limp. Siggghh....but I like that classssss

But...I still consider myself lucky. Last Friday I manage to get thru to Fly Fm and won RM100 cold, hard cash! Wooohooo

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