Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning my ROOM..again..

A couple of months back, just before my maiden trip to Europe, I donated almost 3 garbage bags of clothes to make way for my Zara, H&M amongst others.

After another 3 weeks in Taipei, I came home and realized that my room is still cluttered with books, my collection of Berts from Sesame Street, little stuff I've bought from all my holiday/business trips, facial products, spa essentials etc etc. It's scary looking at the amount of stuff.

I seriously need to make some time this weekend for decluttering my stuff. Was reading Betty and Veronica where they had this chapter where Betty helps Veronica declutter and vice versa. end of the day, they end up taking each other's stuff because they realized they may actually had a need for those stuff.

I've got my first step all planned out nicely. The books shall go to charity/ second hand book shops and we'll take it from there!

Who knows, if the 'guy in the striped shirt' arrives at my doorstep one day, I don't want to be showing him a typical man's room!

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