Saturday, April 17, 2010

Taipei -2nd weekend

I can't understand why I am still in such a lazy mood to do anything. I think age is seriously catching up with me.

Saturday night. Just chilling in my hotel room and trying to upload pictures from my weekend so far.

My activities in Taipei this weekend before my new audit assignment commences next week.
1) Freeloading the hot spring facilities in the hotel where my colleague checked into. Broadway Hot Spring Hotel in Beitou after work on a Friday.
2) Luxy (one of Taipei's hottest nightspot) at night when another colleague comes into town to celebrate his birthday. Before that, doing a little shopping and on the lookout for the perfect gift for my colleague, Kenneth who graciously reminded me that he'll be spending his birthday with me in Taipei when he gets in tomorrow.
3) Hot spring and massage on a Saturday morning. The best feeling ever when you need to get alcohol out of your system and in dire need of a good back massage
4)Taipei Zoo for a relaxing stroll and looking for the famous pandas.
5) Skinkeng for dinner with the client before proceeding to some very secluded area to watch fireflies.
6) Bumming around in my hotel room on a Saturday night as I need to rejuvenate before my new audit commences this Monday.

The public hot spring across colleague's room. Entry fee only NTD20 (RM2). I won't ever try it cause the place is literally swarmed with people at all times of the day.

Our very hopsitable client will also be taking us to YangMingShan for some 'wild vege' meal and a little sightsee tomorrow.

Right now, I'm gonna lie back on my chair after blogging and watch some TVB series.
More pics will be posted soon enough when the lazy hands and brain is ready to get back into action
XoXo. Goodnight

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J said...

PANDA!!! :)
(So cute.....!)